Training & Development, Employee Benefits

Getting started...

We believe in giving you a lot of responsibility from day one - but that doesn't mean throwing you in at the deep end. One of our major priorities is to make sure you get the training and support you need to develop and succeed, personally as well as professionally. The training starts as soon as you join - and it continues on throughout your career at Student Flights.

Retail Travel Consultant Training

Your training in the first six months starts with you enrolled in the Novice Training Program. Initially you spend the first two weeks in the Core Skills Training program which combines classroom training in our dedicated Learning Centre and on the job training in your new shop. Once that is completed you'll have regular follow up sessions covering topics such as Product knowledge, Advanced Sales and Goal Setting.

After that you can attend a range of Career and Personal Development courses on offer. They will focus on key areas such as Sales and Service, Airfares and Destinations, Financial Systems and Being the Best You Can Be.

Leadership Development Program

We are also keen to nurture our future leaders with our Leadership Development Program. It's a comprehensive set of modules designed to prepare you for Leadership and develop you further once you're in that role. We strongly believe in promoting from within and 100% of our Team Leaders have started out as Consultants first. Opportunities for advancement to Leadership start already at six months into your career if you are successful and display the qualities required.

Training - General

We recognise that although many of our specialists come to us with proven industry skills - that they also need to continue to be nurtured and developed in any direction they choose. We have fantastic training programmes on offer for experienced Travel Consultants and professionals across a wide range of disciplines.