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In order to apply for a Travel Sales Consultant position do I need to have previous Travel Agent experience? What can I expect from your training programs?

It is not required that you have previous Travel Agent experience to apply for a Retail Travel Sales Consultant position. We are more interested in your extensive personal travel experience, your proven sales experience and your passion for customer service.

Once you are successfully hired and placed in your new store you will be enrolled in training. We take your development seriously and our talented trainers (who have also been Flight Centre Limited Travel Consultants themselves) are here to ensure your time with us is as rewarding as possible. Our very own Learning Centre is charged with providing the training and tools necessary for your personal growth and career success.

What does Travel Sales Consulting involve?

Working as a Travel Sales Consultant is both rewarding and challenging. Think of your first year as an apprenticeship with long term benefits. Remember, you are embarking on a completely new career so there is a steep learning curve with new systems and processes to learn; and you need patience and initiative to ensure your customers holiday plans run smoothly.

This role has a strong sales and service element. You will find yourself effectively running your own business within a business with your own targets to meet as well as being part of a supportive and sociable team with ambitious targets of its own.

When you're not bringing new business in, you'll concentrate on maximising the revenue from existing clients - which means offering seriously good customer service. That's where your passion for travel comes in - being knowledgeable and enthusiastic is what it's all about.

How do "Educationals" or "Fam Trips" work?

Educationals and Familiarisation trips are special programs run by wholesalers, companies or airlines to give agents a chance to experience their product. They range in duration and destination but are valuable tools to help you increase your sales and product knowledge. You will be invited to attend these by store or individually and they give you the opportunity to see some amazing locations in Australia and around the world.

How do I know which store I will I be working in?

Although our recruitment team will try and match you with a store as close as possible to where you live, it really depends on where we have an opening. Our recruitment consultants will discuss with you the openings we have available and try to find a suitable store location that meets your needs.

What hours can I expect to work?

There is no denying that your first twelve months will be a steep learning curve for you and will require dedication, passion and commitment. The hours that you will be working really depends on you. We are all hard workers but also enjoy the social company culture on offer and recognize that a work/life balance is important. Like any sales role, ultimately, the more travel you sell the more income you will earn. A typical working day for a consultant is 8:00am - 6-6:30pm at night. You are also required to attend monthly buzz nights and quarterly conferences.

What is a buzz night?

Buzz nights are held monthly for your area and are a fantastic opportunity to receive information and updates from travel industry suppliers. They are a great forum to recognise outstanding performances, information sharing and to bond with your fellow team members. Attendance is compulsory - unless otherwise arranged prior with your Team Leader.

Is there a possibility to transfer to work in other countries?

Yes. Once consultants or specialists have been employed for a minimum of two years and have established a reputation for dedication and success in the country where they are originally employed, they are entitled to apply for any positions within Flight Centre Limited worldwide. Flight Centre Limited does not guarantee sponsorship to work overseas.

Does Flight Centre Limited offer any internships/work experience?

Flight Centre Limited does not usually offer internships or work experience positions. There may be exceptions to this that are negotiated on a case by case basis.

Do I receive a uniform allowance?

For strong branding purposes, every employee is entitled to a uniform allowance per year - we love our uniforms as we are proud of our company (not to mention not having to worry any more about what you are going to wear every day!)

What makes Flight Centre Limited unique?

  • Flight Centre NZ Limited has has won the JRA Best Workplaces, large workplace category award for eight consecutive years. In addition and in recognition of Flight Centre’s continued achievements in the JRA Best Workplaces Survey over the past eight years, Flight Centre is also a Five-Year League Award recipient.
  • Each brand and business is company owned. Instead of running support areas as cost centres, most functions are operated as profit centres that supply specific services such as recruitment, training, leasing, IT and group buying to the various brands. As a result, each individual and team is responsible for generating income for their business and is accountable for the costs associated with running the business. Employees have the opportunity to learn excellent business skills.
  • Flight Centre (NZ) Ltd is New Zealand’s largest travel agency, with approximately 900 staff in more than 140 retail stores and support businesses nationwide.
  • Flight Centre Limited is an Australian company, listed on the Australian stock exchange. It is completely independent and is not owned or operated by a larger group. Our global head office is based in Brisbane.
  • Flight Centre Limited globally has almost 13,000 staff in countries including Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Hong Kong, India and China.
  • Employees are encouraged to share in the success of the company through performance driven incentives, profit share and an employee share plan.

Any other questions?

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