Overview of Recruitment

Our recruitment process has five stages, which may sound daunting at first. It's not meant to be. The process is designed to give you as much insight as possible into what it's actually like to be part of the team. Here's how it works:

Stage One

You use our online application form to apply to a current vacancy that we advertise on this site. Alternatively, you might reply directly in response to an advert that you have seen on an Internet jobsite/in one of our stores or in the press. Our preferred method of receiving applications is online.

Stage Two

Once we have reviewed applications, if successful to the next stage, we'll arrange a Telephone Interview. This is an informal conversation giving you the chance to find out more about us and the role and rewards on offer. It also gives us the opportunity to find out about your interests, motivations and passions - but personality, sales ability and enthusiasm are important in our business, so we'll also be listening for that coming across too.

Stage Three

All being well, we'll ask you to complete our online Computer Assessment, which is just a chance for us to find out more about your working style and characteristics.

Stage Four

The next stage in the process is to be invited to come to a Panel Interview with up to three or four other candidates. This gives us the chance to ask some more questions, for example about your geographical knowledge. You can also use this opportunity to fire any questions at us.

Stage Five

If successful to the next stage, depending on your location, our Recruitment Consultants will either set up a time for you to meet one of our Area Leaders or they will offer you a position straight away!