Air Pass

One of the best ways to save big bucks when you travel overseas is by picking up an air pass before you leave. Air passes help you travel to heaps of different airports within a geographic area at massive savings. It's sort of like buying a book of bus or train tickets, except it's for flights.

If Europe's your thing, there are stacks of air passes available from a range of different companies that can take you to over 285 airports (that should keep you going for a few weeks!). Or you can pick up an air pass from one of 4 different companies and explore the mysteries of Africa – fly into a few of the 55 plus airports in 29 countries in this massive continent. Safari one day and surf the next.

Of course, you can pick up an air pass for pretty much anywhere in the world including North America, India, South East Asia, South America, Middle East, North Asia and even island hopping through the Pacific.

Air passes have to be bought before you leave Oz though. Each air pass company has slightly different rules about what has to be booked when; whether they are only available for economy flights or if they can also be used in business class or first class. So it pays to drop in on your Student Flights team to work out what air pass is best for your itinerary.

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