Cambodia Holidays

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Cambodia holidays are arguably one of the most intriguing travel holidays in Asia. With a dark history of political instability, famine and war, Cambodia also features many ancient treasures such as the magnificent temples of Angkor.

The ideal time to travel to Cambodia is between December and January when the humidity is tolerable and temperatures are generally cooler and less likely to rain. Temperatures start to rise from February up to April when the temperature can reach 40°C.

South-western monsoons brings rain and high humidity during May and June, making travelling in Cambodia a little uncomfortable at times. May to October is a good time to travel as the region's plush foliage and vegetation looks amazing.

Built by the Khmer civilisation who reigned from the ninth to the fourteenth centuries, these spectacular and stunning temples are considered one of humankind's great achievements and are subtle reminders of the dedication and skill these people possessed.

For centuries these temples were lost to the jungle, when in 1908 this 'lost city' was restored. Angkor Wat is truly one of the greatest achievements of human civilisation. These ancient people built a very advanced city in terms of infrastructure, from which some modern cities are based on today.

Other attractions include Bon Om Tuk, a large festival held in November, the water festival in Phnom Penh or Khmer New Years.

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