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One of the best ways to earn money overseas is by teaching what you know - English! It also gives you the opportunity to live and breathe a new culture, meet amazing people, push your boundaries and have a great time!

By teaching English overseas you’ll earn enough to live comfortably in the country you choose, sustain a healthy travel itinerary and depending on your lifestyle - save a bit too!

Teaching opportunities are available in all non-English speaking countries around the world, although your main teaching options are in countries throughout Asia, South America and Europe, although the latter usually requires an EU passport. We can help you find work through our free job placement service or you can find work yourself. Approximately 20,000 English teaching jobs are posted online each month, so there are plenty of opportunities out there!

If you’d like to find out more about teaching English overseas, give us a call on 0800 31 44 48.

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Are you going on your OE to a country unfamiliar with the English language? Why not make your OE full of twice the excitement by not only discovering a new culture, but sharing yours too! Teach overseas during your holiday so you can live and breathe exotic cultures, meet fascinating people and push your boundaries. Do all this and earn money by teaching English overseas.

There are tons of teaching jobs available in most non-English speaking countries around the world though the majority are found in Asia and South America. Come see us at Student Flights to get help sorting your visas, flights and accommodation and teach overseas today!

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