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Fancy pulling pints for the Poms in one of the 4 billion pubs in the United Kingdom (brilliant except when we are thrashed by the Poms at the Ashes or the Rugby). UK working holidays take you to the old dart, where you can mix it with the locals while earning some dosh while you work overseas.

Overseas working holidays don't get much easier than the United Kingdom – same language, same culture and same love of a good time. Thousands of Aussies and Kiwis on overseas working holidays head to the UK each year to check out the famous UK nightlife, culture, history and of course... the shopping.

Of course, London is the first place people think of when they think of UK working holidays. But the UK is a big place – what about one of the great cities in Ireland, Scotland or Wales or some of the rural towns in England for your overseas working holidays? On a plus you get to know the locals while your costs are much lower – so think outside the maze that is London when you want to work overseas. Student Flights makes working in the UK dead easy.

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Fancy pouring pints of Guinness in a Pub in the United Kingdom? They speak the same language, do the same things and drink like mad men, which makes the UK one of the most natural OE destinations for kiwis to endeavor!

Mingle with the locals, experience the culture and learn the history. Whether you want to stay in London, or venture out to the rural towns of England, hit up Ireland, Scotland or Whales, the UK working holidays are at your fingertips. Working holiday in UK will provide easy access to travel to the rest of Europe; Paris, Italy, Germany and Amsterdam will make the perfect long weekend.

Student Flights can help you with your visas, flights and accommodations making it dead easy to go on a working holiday in the UK, where you’ll feel right at home!

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