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Volunteer in Asia or India

Asia and India offer enchanting encounters at every turn, but there's also a need here for visitors to turn into volunteers and give something back to these exotic countries.

Volunteer projects you could get involved with in Asia and India include wildlife conservation, community work with children and even teaching English in Nepal.

Some suggestions of volunteer work overseas in Asia or India are below, but there are plenty more opportunities available.


Giant Panda Conservation - The giant panda is one of the most endangered animals in the world with a current estimate of only 1600 alive today. This project gives you a great opportunity to observe and help these amazing creatures. The majority of the volunteer work that you will get involved with includes preparing food for the pandas, carrying lots of bamboo, serving the panda’s food and cleaning the panda’s enclosures. Based on the needs of the project at that time, you may also get the opportunity to observe and do research on the pandas, and help in providing medical care for them.


Orang-utan Experience - Enjoy a unique opportunity to work closely with orang-utans in a Malaysian Zoo for 15 days, take part in a two-day visit to a Wildlife Centre to see orang-utans in rehabilitation before heading to the Borneo jungle to monitor these great apes in the wild. Working alongside trained experts and the indigenous tribes-people of Borneo, volunteers work to conserve orang-utans in both their natural environment and those living in captivity. The project aims to help the local Iban-tribes people make orang-utans an integral part of the local economy through eco-tourism.


Teach English in a Buddhist Monastery - One thing we can promise you is that your students will be well behaved! The monks at the monastery may be experts in Buddhism but they aren’t experts in English! You’re sure to learn as much as you teach in gorgeous Nepal and with well behaved and positive students ranging in age from 7 to 12 it’s a great opportunity to gain a wide variety of experience. That’s where volunteers come in. Native or fluent English speakers with or without formal teaching experience can contribute greatly to a child’s educational development.


Work with Kids - See a different side to Bali when you work with orphans and disabled members of the community – it is greatly beneficial to the children to learn English and other new skills, and to interact with people from a different culture. Volunteers are needed to improve the knowledge of the children in all areas and to expose them to different cultures from around the world – use your talents through a variety of methods, including formal learning, conversational classes, games, songs and story-telling.

For more info on volunteering in Asia or India send us an online enquiry, get in touch with us or visit one of our stores.


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