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Volunteer in Indochina

For a truly authentic travel experience, where you give a little back while getting involved in communities in a way tourists never do, consider volunteering aboard.

To volunteer in Indochina could open your eyes to a world of new experiences and relationships, from building communities to working with animals and teaching English.

Some suggestions of volunteer work overseas in Indochina are below, but there are tons of others available as well.


Elephant & Community Volunteer - Wild elephant populations are declining in Thailand as they compete with villagers for land. You will get actively involved by helping the communities that look after elephants in Tha Thum. Your duties may include planting bamboo, wild grass and other crops to help feed the elephants during the dry season. You will also learn about the place of elephants in Thai culture, about their needs and about the social problems facing them today. The project work also extends to supporting the local community with a number of development projects planned every year.

Build for Communities - Come and help build a new home for 40 orphans, abandoned, homeless and underprivileged Thai, Burmese and Karen tribe children. Put your muscles to good use, surround yourself in the ‘real’ Thailand and know that you’re taking part in something special, unique and very worthwhile.


Floating School Volunteer - The floating school is located in the floating village of Chung Kneas and boasts a population of approximately 5000 people. The school floats on the Tonle Sap River, moving up and down depending on the season. There are currently 86 students, with five teachers. Spend your mornings teaching at a local Pagoda (temple) school and your afternoons teaching at the floating school. As a volunteer you will be giving essential support to the teachers that really need your help to teach the children basic English, computer skills and much more.

Teach & Care - This wonderful project in Phnom Penh allows you to experience the magic of the city and also to make a significant difference to the lives of some of its youngest residents. Volunteering at a shelter project, you will be able to help educate these children through fun and games, language lessons, and basic maths, art and sports.

For more info on volunteering in Indochina send us an online enquiry, get in touch with us or visit one of our stores.


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