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Want to travel the world and get paid while you are at it? Overseas working holidays are the way to go. There's stacks of places around the world to explore – check out the scenery, try out your language skills and experience the culture as a local and not as a tourist.

What about working overseas in a pub in the UK, or trying your hand as a ski instructor in Canada? Oor experience amazing Europe where you can try a different country every few months if you want to. You can even save the planet, teach overseas or make a difference while you travel on your Gap Year – the world's open to you on your overseas working holiday.

And Student Flights makes your overseas working holidays a breeze. We help you sort out the visas, travel and accommodation. Check out the great options Student Flights has put together and start exploring your world.

• Teach Overseas

• Volunteer Abroad

• Gap Year

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Want to travel, but think you can’t afford it? Why not venture on an overseas working holiday! A working holiday is the perfect solution for those wanting to take a gap year or go on an OE. You gain a bit of work experience and earn enough money to fund your holiday. You get to live like a local and maybe even learn to speak a new language, all the while discovering a new place in the world.

Whether you want to become a barmaid in the UK or help out at a World Class ski resort in Canada, teach English in Asia or volunteer in South America, Student Flights can help you unravel opportunities.

At Student Flights we make your overseas working holiday a snap. We’ll help you sort out your visa, travel and even hook you up with somewhere to stay. Check out the great options Student Flights has put together for you, if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call or visit one of our stores.

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