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Don't leave planning your trip too late, failure to prepare is preparing to fail. it's far too stressful to get organised at the last minute and you'll end up handing over more cash as a result. First things first; you need Travel Insurance. You simply can't afford to travel without it and the benefit of purchasing travel insurance is your own peace of mind.

If you're currently planning an upcoming holiday, we highly recommend jumping on over to the Destination guides for a range of information about visas and passports, health, airports, climate, attractions and other useful stuff!

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The best thing to do before going on a holiday is to get organised with a travel guide. The most important travel tips from Student Flights are to purchase yourself travel insurance. It doesn’t hurt your pocket and it provides you with a peace of mind. Travel insurance can protect you if your flights have been cancelled and you need to rebook, if your bags, passports or other belongings get stolen or lost, if you involved in an accident and get injured or sick and is needing medical attention and so on…so do yourself a favour and purchase travel insurance and eliminate unwanted drama during your break.

Another great tip for the student traveller is to jump on the net and read destination guides, blogs and student travel tips. They can provide you with information on what to see and do when you are there, where to eat and stay and what you’ll need when you get there. Do the research and prepare yourself early for the cultural differences and rules and regulations.

Another handy travel tip would be to learn the basic words of the local language, especially if you are heading to a non-English speaking country. Purchase yourself a phrase book that fits in your pocket that you can just whip out in extremely awkward moments.

Talk to your friends, family and Student Flights travel consultants who can give you personal and expert advice and travel tips. Student flights can help you be organised. Book your flights, accommodation and set you up with travel insurance to ensure a smooth pleasant holiday.