Introduction to Auckland

The Maoris call it Tamaki Makaurau. For a lucky million or so call it's called home. All fresh air and sprawling harbour, it's no wonder Auckland constantly ranks high on the world's most liveable city lists. The so called ‘City of Sails,' is home to a stunning landscape and equally stunning lifestyle. Built on a field of around 48 volcanos and still encompassing a certain fire and energy, albeit a cooler one that continues to tempt expats to stay just that little longer.

While its claim to fame in the past has been as New Zealand's biggest city, there's more to Auckland than its mere size. The once sleepy and suburban city has grown to become an urban metropolis. One where local designers thrive with boutiques on High Street and restaurants have learned to harness their surrounding farms to showcase the very best in local produce. The cuisines are varied too, representing the city's multicultural population, not to mention its large Polynesian population, the biggest than any other city in the world. As a result, there are many sides and flavours to Auckland. You can try a few on a long weekend, but to taste them all you're going to need to spend a little longer. No wonder so many people stay.

Must Do

Much like the rest of New Zealand, Auckland is made for the adventurers. A city where you can scale great heights, jump from the sky, speed through the harbour, bungy off bridges and ride epic waves. Whatever you're thrill level, you're bound to feel the wind in your hair at some point during your Auckland holiday, even if it's just from a dolphin cruise around the harbour. While Auckland's natural beauty, pristine islands and beach-side vibe will give you an instant holiday feeling, the buzz of the city streets will also add to the fun of it all.

As New Zealand's largest city, Auckland is more than just the typical tourist routes. Its inhabitants increasingly transforming this North Island city into a quirky hub of wining, dining and general creativity. Along Karangahape Road, or just K'Road as the locals call it, is where you'll find quirky vintage stores and designer clothing by day and lively nightlife by night. More of the city's unique personality can be found with a 5 minute bus ride to Ponsonby Plus where locates sip perfected blends of coffee over trendy design magazines. So whether you choose to take the plunge with a bungy jump or plunge a good blend of beans, Auckland can show you a good time either way.

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