As one of the largest cities in Latin America, there's a lot to be said about Buenos Aires. It's old world and new world rolled into one sprawling urban jungle. It's where high-class nightclubs pulse until dawn with good-looking hipsters while on the other side of town, tried streets act as makeshift dance floors for old-time tango dancers. It's multifaceted, friendly and yet strangely familiar. There's a romance to it all, an exciting energy in the air, a twinkle in the eyes of its locals; an urban adventure just waiting to happen.

For all its colonial architecture, flashy restaurants and dusty antique stores, it's the locals, known as porte'os, that make BA the appealing place that it is. They love their homeland just as much as their football. A passion that's not hard to miss, especially when the local teams Boca and River go head to head. They also love a good piece of steak (cooked adoringly using wood), and they love the nightlife, with bars adorning rooftops and no-nonsense drinks served straight up. All together, the loves of porte'os make Buenos Aires the cosmopolitan city it is today; lively, welcoming and with a twinkle in its eye.

Must Do

Like a walk down the aisle, a trip to Buenos Aires should encompass something old and something new. On one side BA is a town of fascinating history. The pink Casa Rosada in Plaza De Mayo, a vibrant reminder of Argentina's past political parties. The seven story opera house Teatro Colon, a grand example of the city's once flourishing opera scene. A walk through the downtown neighbourhood Recoleta, the perfect place to step back in time to the 18th century, complete with historic monasteries, museums and the decadent Recoleta Cemetery, where tourists flock to see the tomb of Eva Peron.

On the other side is a city that beams with all things shiny and new. You can see it in the vibrant colours and caf' culture of Caminito in La Boca, at the sleek restaurants that line the Puerto Madero river front and from the main shopping drag on Calle Florida. But for all its modern adaptations, Buenos Aires can't help but hold on to its beloved traditions. For every pumping nightclub there's a cheerful tango school and for every designer boutique there's a weary flea market. Such is the charm of Buenos Aires. It's up to you to experience both sides.

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