Whether it's your 1st or 50th time, Europe remains an everlasting fixture on most people's travel lists. By surface area, Europe is the world's second smallest continent, but in terms of travel, it is one of the most visited. Its popularity lies within a wide range of factors. Some come for the fascinating history, others seek to experience the unique culture, while visual travellers look to the wondrous scenery. Europe's biggest undeniable trait however is its lure of the many. With one plane ticket you can cross borders with ease, experience life in a number of iconic cities and tick a few 'must-dos' off your travel wish list in one go.

So where to begin in Europe? At the top of the list is France, the most visited country in the world and where the romance cliche's born from holiday movies ring true. Across the pond, the United Kingdom is free of language barriers and full of castles, fields and pubs. Further abroad Greece and Italy each promise a holiday of delicious food and passionate culture, with Greece boasting the birthplace of western culture and Italy, la dolce vita. While these three countries stand as the hallmarks of Europe, they are just the tip of the Nordic iceberg.

From the lively countries in Iberia to the charming towns of the Balkans, Europe is a smorgasbord of culture and charisma. Choose your own adventure in this diverse continent with our Europe holidays.

Must Do

The must-dos Europe attractions really come down to the tried and true tourist attractions. A climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, a visit to Buckingham Palace in London, a trip back in time to Crete in the Greek Islands, a wander through the Colosseum in Rome; we could go on.

While these iconic landmarks won't disappoint, some of the best must-dos in Europe really depend on your interests. For example architecture students and those who like looking at pretty buildings will be left flawed while admiring Gaudi's spectacular La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, Spain. Keen swimmers and photographers alike won't be able to resist lapping up the picturesque geothermal Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik, Iceland. While beach lovers and sun worshippers will find themselves very much at home along the pristine coastlines of Portugal, Croatia and Turkey.

Furthermore, many of Europe's 'must-dos' surround the region's popular festivals. Toast to your favourite ale at the world's biggest beer festival Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany or join the orange-coloured royal celebrations of Queen's Day in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Try your hand at glamping at England's beloved Glastonbury music festival or get down and dirty at the world's biggest food fight, La Tomatina, held annually in the town of Bunol, Spain.

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