Introduction to the Greek Islands

If it's always happy hour somewhere in the world, that that somewhere is probably the Greek Islands, home of the never-ending summer holiday. In a word the region is paradise. Soaked in blue, drenched in sunlight and beaming with vivacious energy, the islands are where you'll find all the essentials of a perfect holiday and then some.


Booking a Greek Islands holiday may seem like a no brainer but deciding the best Greek Islands to visit is less so. Throughout the Mediterranean region the islands amass to up to 6,000 in total, with around 227 of them inhabited. Naturally, the most popular island of the region, Crete, is also the largest. Crete's main drawcard is its promise of sprawling beaches matched with plentiful accommodation. Like Crete, Mykonos is home to equally spectacular beaches although they are often overshadowed for its party-island reputation. Then there are the spectacular islands of Rhodes, Santorini, Corfu, Kefalonia and the list goes on.


In the end, choosing which island to stay at is like making the choice between fresh haloumi and fried haloumi - either way you're in for a cheesy good time. So wherever you decide to stay, the trick is to live out your Greek Island holiday with no regrets, embrace the never-ending summer holiday with both arms and toast to happy hour at any time of day.


Must Do

With sunny days and spectacular views, it can be tempting to do very little during your stay in the Greek Islands. But while days spent poolside may be hard to resist, doing this and nothing else would be a mistake of Acropolis-sized proportions.

At the top of your list should be the pristine beaches. One of the most popular and beautiful spots is Elafonisi Beach. Located on the island of Crete, the clear stretch of beach boasts turquoise waters and pure white sand that will prove irresistible. For something more secluded, the isolated beach of Mirtiotissa on Corfu enjoys a spectacular Mediterranean backdrop of soaring cliffs and inlets.

Once you've had your fair share of sun and swimming, it's worth making the most of your Mediterranean location by exploring all that the islands have to offer. Spend an evening at a winery in Santorini, sail around the neoclassical harbour of Rhodes, try your hand at Greek dancing on Skyros, swim under the waterfalls of Kythira, hit the ouzo hard in Mykonos and try all of the food everywhere you go. All experiences that will no doubt surpass a pool swim any day.

For more must-dos in the Greek Islands, check out our things to do page and start planning your Greek Island holiday.

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