Introduction to New York

Ever since Frank Sinatra sang about wanting to be a part of it, New York New York, every man and his tiny little dog has followed suit. Packing up their lives and dreams and moving into the most populous city in the States. A global power city with a firm grasp on popular culture, New York truly is the city that never sleeps. You can walk for days and still not see everything. Stand still and be exhausted by the buzz of it all. But such is the charm of New York City - a big juicy apple that everyone wants a bight of.

And for every person who doesn't live there, there's someone whose dying to go. 7.6 million people per year to be precise. All up, the gridded streets and dingy subway can get quite crowded, but it's all part of the experience. That and the Statue of Liberty sightings, neighbourhood hopping and hotdog devouring. As far as American culture is concerned, New York has contributed a lot. Without it there would be no famous Broadway shows, no hip-hop, no ice cream cones and no Sesame Street. The horror! Luckily, New York is the real deal. Loud, proud and waiting for you to be a part of it.

Must Do

‘What should I do in New York City?' is more a rhetorical question than one that's able to be answered in anything less than a novel. The options are mind-boggling. The choices, difficult to say the least. Our recommendations to tackling it all are to see what you want see and not what you think you should see. If you'd rather gain a glimpse of Seinfeld's famed restaurant instead of the Statue of Liberty, then do it - there'll be less crowds. If a walk in Central Park seems more appealing than an Empire State Building, go for it - it'll be a lot more relaxing.

Other than the usual suspects, New York's personality is best experienced by just wandering the various neighbourhoods. You'll never know what you'll find; cupcakes in the West Village, vintage boutiques in the East, republicans in the upper east and democrats in the upper west. On Broadway the shows will leave you yelling ‘encore!' while in Brooklyn the hipsters have organic lattes down to a fine art. There's shopping everywhere, more bars than you care to drink (challenge accepted?) and car horns beeping at all hours of the day and night. So in short, what should you do in New York City? Everything.

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