Introduction to the USA

The USA. Land of the free, home of the brave and the ever present country on our TV screens. Chances are if you grew up glued to a television, you'll have a fair idea of what the US promises; big birds on Sesame Street, hillbillies in Beverly Hills and yellow families with crazy hair styles somewhere in the mid-west. Then again maybe all those years of childhood TV watching haven't helped after all. Inevitably, the best way to suss out the States is to turn the TV off and actually go there, see it all, eat everything and return home with a bag full of wild tales and enough photos to crash the internet.

If you plan on seeing it all, it may take you a little while - the USA is the third-largest country in the world. As such, the US is more like a world in itself, with each state's boarder promising a new accent, culture, cuisine and vibe that can only every be described as ‘so southern,' ‘so East Coast,' ‘so New York.' As a vast and sprawling land, the great American road trip would have to be the ultimate may to see the country. Get behind the wheel of a pink Cadillac, get out on the open road and you'll be getting your kicks on Route 66 in no time. Now that's a feeling you can get from any TV show.

Must Do

Oh boy where to begin. To list a few must-dos in the States is like suggesting ice cream flavours to try — it really depends on what you like. If you're chasing the America sung about in Beach Boys lyrics and portrayed in numerous reality shows then California here we come. Hollywood is a given, Las Vegas as expected and San Francisco, the surprising gem.If it's not LA that tickles you're fancy then you're probably a wannabe New Yorker, an energetic breed of folk with dreams of Manolos on Park Avenue pavements, perfect coffee blends in Brooklyn and spontaneous Manhattan nights that will go down in history.

If you like your USA cities with a side of rock‘n'roll, Seattle home of grunge will see you leave with a new appreciation for Nirvana and flannel shirts, while Graceland in Memphis will have you finally getting why Elvis Presley has long been named the 'king of rock'n'roll.' Further south, states like Texas, Oklahoma and Arizona is the America of cowboys, cactus and home-made pumpkin pie. Still in the south, New Orleans is a notable highlight, where jazz is heartfelt, nightlife is lively and the soul food is the perfect hangover cure. Then there's the organic lifestyle of Portland, the history of Washington, the music of Nashville and the beaches of Hawaii. The list of flavours goes on - it's up to you to taste them all.

For more must-dos in the USA, check out our things to do page and start planning your USA holiday.

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